The new model for 21st century outdoor communicator organizations

The new model for 21st century outdoor communicator organizations

Thanks for your interest in Western Outdoor Writers, the new model for 21st century outdoor communicator organizations. WOW is different from every other writer group in the country, a fact you’ve witnessed just by opening our home page.

If you are an active professional communicator in any outdoors-related field, we invite you to join and enjoy the benefits of membership. Our focus is on those who communicate the outdoors message of the Rocky Mountains and the Southwestern United States.

While our overall purpose is to provide community among outdoors communications professionals, many of our efforts will be aimed at promoting the outdoor communications industry, helping members improve the quality and frequency of their work, participating in a variety of events to build professional and consumer communities, and recruiting the next generations of outdoor communicators.

            WOW embraces those opportunities and vows to:  

reach into the lives of readers, viewers and constituencies throughout the Intermountain West and the Southwest by attending and participating in consumer shows and other events, serving as speakers, and autographing and selling books, tapes, photographic prints and art
park the tents of traditional outdoor communicators, from magazine writers to photographers to book authors, right alongside those of mountain bikers, hikers and bird watchers
add tourism and government agency personnel, corporate members, TV and radio broadcasters and others
foster multimedia opportunities for our members and help develop members’ multi-media skills, including old and new formats
and mold them all together with an emphasis on building long-term professional relationships.

Everything WOW does (within reason, of course!) will be electronic, allowing us to put member dollars into programming and services rather than into printing costs. Our newsletter, "WOW Wired" is a bi-monthly electronic publication and is available to our membership in the "Members Only" section. We’ll structure programs and services to bring together writers and editors, broadcasters and producers, photographers and art directors, book authors and publishers, and provide a wide variety of workshops to serve those communities and encourage new communicators to become involved in this industry.

            We’ll strive to secure meaningful member benefits that extend well beyond discounts for hotels, rental cars and airfare. How about arranging deeply discounted block photography equipment, film, computer hardware and software, and other tools to help your business operate at peak efficiency? Your membership helps us bargain for more and better deals.

Some of WOW’s other programming may include: 

various vehicles for authors, photographers, artists and others to put their work in front of the purchasing public
partnerships with charities, government agencies and others for awareness campaigns and raising funds to support various apolitical, non-profit endeavors
fund-raising efforts, working with foundations and trusts, securing financial means to help educate members as well as the public on issues and events concerning the outdoors
e-mail alerts of professional service needs announced by publishers, editors, producers and others who need the talents of our members
a speaker’s bureau for private, public, trade and consumer audiences. 

WOW was not created to compete with existing organizations, although some of our geographical coverage may overlap. The existence of WOW fills a void for a professional outdoor communications organization based in the Intermountain/Southwest region, which is where we’ll hold conferences and most WOW activities.

            WOW is not just another organization of outdoor writers. It's so much more, and will be much more, because we have the advantage of starting fresh in the 21st century with modern technology. WOW is being built to run lean, without entangling red tape and multi-layered bureaucracies, all the while working with the best in legal advice and the experience of respected industry professionals.

            We hope you’ll join with us in building a strong community of outdoor communications professionals in the West.

            If you have questions about Western Outdoor Writers, feel free to e-mail anyone on the WOW Board or any other member. Seen enough and want to join? Click here for an online membership application.

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